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Yummi Yummi

Secreat Pal 9


This package came from my Secreat Pal 9 in USA,,,,,,,,WOW....
what a pack...it was a BIG lovely knitting book with alott of wonderfull patterns!!! knitting counter.......butterflies.....m&m (very nice...) soap and washcloth, a mesurementthing looked like an sheep and a lovely knittingneedle "thing" as I can put away my needles in as i sure you have saw for me, wonder full !!!!!!!!! I was very very happy!!

The yarn to my Rouge sweater

Called Irland....buy it from Roselund garn in Denmark

Nordic4 pack nr 4

What can I say...but WOW..... this I got in the Nordic Secreat Pal 4 pack nr 4....it came from Denmark. It was just so much wonderfull things. First time ever I got Regia too......lovely a very very THANKS to you!!!

Veronika and her boyfriend


Here is Veronika Aleksandra . She is my oldest child and daughter she is born in 1991...Im so proud of her, she i clever and very smart and lovely girl!!!

The View


Here is some of the view from my new livingroom