Then I am off....

Today.....friday 10.november 2006 is my last day here at Kroken farm...I willmove, and so far I havent got Internett access i the new home...I will randomly check my email till i get Internett at my house.
Hope to get it in next week someday but I never know of this Internett delivery is on time.
So for all whos wonder where I you know ;-)

Hope to get back soon as possible!! Till then, so long and big HUGS from me !!!

Some thing oldsomething new.....

This shall be a pillow...some day...I did this when I was pregnant with my 3rd was in 1998
its in crosstiching and hardanger
This is a part of a sett with wallhenging , pillow and this is....
also something I did years ago.....
This is a pillow I croceth this cotton...measur is 45X45cm

some blogging from cold Soknedal/Norway

This is what its like outdoors today........freezing cold with that strong wind.......



Ive crochet latly, I dont know its gonna be pillow or a blanket in the cotton...Tuva is the name of the yarn. The border I will use black

in this moment..

In this moment :
I feel like hell....
I feel like no good
I feel like everything is hopeless
I feel ashame
I feel lasy
i feel like crap
I feel like no one cares
I feel like giving up
I feel like a gost
I feel like a bad mom
I feel like a ugly frog
I feel like nothing matters
I feel like the world has stopped
I feel tired
I feel ugly
I feel empty
I feel bad
I feel like a looser
I feel like nothing
I dont feel loved...

I just have to say it.........



Winter is here....

Today its a bautifull day.........looks like Eastern time really...
Temprature been from 5F to 25F like its now.... (-15C to -5C)
I am from this place soon, next week I gonna start my moving, sadly but true......Im glad in one way...but very sad too . . . . Ive lived here the last 7 years -