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As I just turn home from one of this years vacations my answerds are from this...

1)I pack a shawl to knitt on, I had started, and even in the heat it was lovly to knit with this angora yarn, as will be a nice shwal to my boyfriends mom.
2) I had hope to buy alott off nice yarn but I didnt find any of it, but that was my dream, I come home with alott ofceramics, leather and silver, clotes ofcourse;-)

Knitting holliday.....mmmmmm..... maybe I would choose either Peru ( for alpacca) or Irland for the wool.
else its really BIG knitting factories in Norway as I dont have visit yet......and i know...its alott of nice this here too;-)

HUGS, Gurli / Fjellrosa

Postet av: Bobbi

Thanks for playing.

20.05.2007 @ 18:01

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