Hey you ......

I havent been able to post photos in a while......its really baaaaaaad!!!! When i try to upload, my computer goes BANANAS!!! And opens 30 windows.......yek....

Here in comes alott of snow...AGAIN......GOSH im soooooo done with winter now!!
Im very glad that I will go to Tunis soon!! 5th May im heading for Tunis and will be a week...
IM gonna change flights in Shiphol (amsterdam) and Paris ..Charles De Gaulle.....anyone can give me some advice about this places???????? Im scared!! Of big new places....GOSH

The things im doing at the moment on the handcraft side, is "falling in love" socks...and Bridget socks...just finnish a nice summer top till lovely colours!! Will post photo when this problems are gone!

I do knit on the scarft that my Nordic secreat Pal give me too! I really wanna make some special thing soon of my lovely ANGORA yarn....its white and light pink..its gonna be just lovely!!

I have alott to do in the house too, painting and all stuff...bbut i really think...things like that is soo cool!
I love to decorate and I love to rebuild....likewise that I love handcraft..and genealogy! I love to , to do gardening....but as it seems like now......its a loong time till I can do that here........(grrrrrrrrrrrr)

Tomorrow we gonna celebrate my youngest son, Joakim, s 7th birthday for his classbuddies...... he had day at 14th.. so here it will be 10 off the 7 year old, one 13, one 8 and one 4 yeear old tomorrow....PHU!!!!!
I will do a chockolate cake I belive!! and they gonna eat hotdogs... well then im off tobed....try sleep some time before HELL brake loose hhihihihihihihihihi.....see yeah!!

Postet av: abbehope

Gratulerer med bursdagsbarn :)

Godt rd for Schiphol - finn gaten du skal reise videre fra fr du begynner p oppdagelsesferd ;)

20.04.2007 @ 00:56
Postet av: Bobbi

Schilpol is no problem. I spent a bit of time there a year ago. Lovely people to help you if you need...just ask.

22.04.2007 @ 23:59
Postet av: Fjellrosa


anyone adwise on the Charles De Gaulle????

23.04.2007 @ 10:08

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