Me and Aziz

We have made a blogg, I am very interrested in getting in contact to others that are in the same situation as we.
algerian+norwegian......or algerian+ other westly country...................
Write me at :

Our blogg is:


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SP10 first parcel

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WOW, goodies from my secret pal in UK, thanks alott!!!! very nice, and i bet the kids will love the chockolate;-)


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17 may 2007 - our national day in Norway

Happy birthday NORWAY - have a nice day everybody!!

Me and Aziz in Tunis

Nice couple??? :-)

the shawl in angora


Blog Contest SP10

As I just turn home from one of this years vacations my answerds are from this...

1)I pack a shawl to knitt on, I had started, and even in the heat it was lovly to knit with this angora yarn, as will be a nice shwal to my boyfriends mom.
2) I had hope to buy alott off nice yarn but I didnt find any of it, but that was my dream, I come home with alott ofceramics, leather and silver, clotes ofcourse;-)

Knitting holliday.....mmmmmm..... maybe I would choose either Peru ( for alpacca) or Irland for the wool.
else its really BIG knitting factories in Norway as I dont have visit yet......and i know...its alott of nice this here too;-)

HUGS, Gurli / Fjellrosa

I go too tunis

Hello everybody........
I go too Tunis 5th back 13 may....see yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


MY SP10 pack

Hey.....Yesterday I sent my SP10 pack.....hope it will be fine!! Its hard to put the pack together but i hope it will be good!!

Its really nice temperature here around lately and the snow starts to melt away!! It so lovly!
In 1 week i be gone to Tunis...WOW i look forward to that! really.....
I be gone for one week also..and by then I hope the snow is all gone!
Im about to rbuild on the house...and today I tare down the entre.....gosh!! it take some muscle to manage i dont do alott ...but take a bit now and then..

HUGS, Fjellrosa/ Gurli

Socks and some more

Falling in Love bautifull OPAL yarn...nice colour!!
Nice fruits???? Lovely OPAL and ANGORA yarn......


Hey you ......

I havent been able to post photos in a while......its really baaaaaaad!!!! When i try to upload, my computer goes BANANAS!!! And opens 30 windows.......yek....

Here in comes alott of snow...AGAIN......GOSH im soooooo done with winter now!!
Im very glad that I will go to Tunis soon!! 5th May im heading for Tunis and will be a week...
IM gonna change flights in Shiphol (amsterdam) and Paris ..Charles De Gaulle.....anyone can give me some advice about this places???????? Im scared!! Of big new places....GOSH

The things im doing at the moment on the handcraft side, is "falling in love" socks...and Bridget socks...just finnish a nice summer top till lovely colours!! Will post photo when this problems are gone!

I do knit on the scarft that my Nordic secreat Pal give me too! I really wanna make some special thing soon of my lovely ANGORA yarn....its white and light pink..its gonna be just lovely!!

I have alott to do in the house too, painting and all stuff...bbut i really think...things like that is soo cool!
I love to decorate and I love to rebuild....likewise that I love handcraft..and genealogy! I love to , to do gardening....but as it seems like now......its a loong time till I can do that here........(grrrrrrrrrrrr)

Tomorrow we gonna celebrate my youngest son, Joakim, s 7th birthday for his classbuddies...... he had day at 14th.. so here it will be 10 off the 7 year old, one 13, one 8 and one 4 yeear old tomorrow....PHU!!!!!
I will do a chockolate cake I belive!! and they gonna eat hotdogs... well then im off tobed....try sleep some time before HELL brake loose hhihihihihihihihihi.....see yeah!!

Xmas eve...all my kids

I did find this picture from this Xmas Veronikas blogg.....I wanna show you all my kids!!!!
Lovely, arent they?? Love ya allllllll

Dinner in Easter saturday

Maria Emilie, Joakim Angel and Esten Andr is the kids who have been with me the hole Eastern very nice.
Today we have meatballs in brownsause vegetables and potatoes....very nice!!

Some Eastern pictures :-)

This is my youngest son Joakim he is soon 7, and my brothers daughter Ingrid she is soon 5
and yes....its me in the back.....and my brother too :-)
This is my sister in law Trude, then its Joakim again and my mom is knitting....
Maria Emilie and Esten with some fish thei was icefishing that day..all this is in our cabin near Rros ..east norway

Here is the cousins that was together this estern:
Esten, Sondre, Maria, Joakim and Ingrid :-)
Thanks for a nice Eastern !!!

Om meg

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Nick: Fjellrosa

Fra: Midtre Gauldal

Kjnn: Jente

Fdt: 1972